Sunday, January 11, 2015

Turbans and Scarfs

Diary Dearest,
Meet this Square-faced model again. This time concentration was the head gear. Many believe that the beauty of a woman is in her hair, whether it is covered or uncovered (i do not know how true). But a properly nurtured hair adds a lot more to a rather simple outfit. 
Most women in this area of the world are popular for the use of scarfs ranging from turbans to gele and the regular simple scarfs.

Angella was beautifully dressed in this turban with the leaf  motif which inspired me to play around with green which happens to be my favourite colour.
When the photos were released, I remembered a  shoot we also did together which is very similar to this one as well...

I filled up the scarf with boxes to create an illusion of more volume and the camera loved her.

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