Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anambra 2014

Hey Diary,
I spent the holiday as an Anambra tourist; From Ogbunike to Nnewi to Igbo Ukwu and then Nibo. I was busy with clients, meeting people and making a little extra box. 

My first bride was the beautiful Ije from Ogbunike and it was a royal wedding. Ije was very organised and made me feel at home.

During her session, we chatted along and took our time as she was very organised and managed time effectively. There was a trial where we picked the colours and she gave me a proper briefing.




Titi was a friend of the bride and she loved her look absolutely!

Uche is the sister of the bride and was quite hesitant. She kept giving me a list of Don'ts. But she loved what she got.

Then I headed to Nnewi to Daniella who happens to be a family friend also.

There was no trial prior to this and she was so conscious of my every move during our session as she used to be a makeup artist and does not quite like a lot going on her face. But she loved it afterall.


Then there was Igbo UKwu. Lilian was very easy going and did not fret about a thing.

I loved her white ensemble paired with an orange wrapper and that lippie was the ish!
I could not get a picture of her second look as there was a lot of pressure already.

Then I headed to Nibo for Nwando. She knew exactly what she wanted and tried to guide me accordingly. We had to meet half way :D! 




We had ample time for pictures as Ndi Ogo took a very long time.

Turbans and Scarfs

Diary Dearest,
Meet this Square-faced model again. This time concentration was the head gear. Many believe that the beauty of a woman is in her hair, whether it is covered or uncovered (i do not know how true). But a properly nurtured hair adds a lot more to a rather simple outfit. 
Most women in this area of the world are popular for the use of scarfs ranging from turbans to gele and the regular simple scarfs.

Angella was beautifully dressed in this turban with the leaf  motif which inspired me to play around with green which happens to be my favourite colour.
When the photos were released, I remembered a  shoot we also did together which is very similar to this one as well...

I filled up the scarf with boxes to create an illusion of more volume and the camera loved her.

White Christmas!

Hello Diary,
I am very aware that this is the wrongest of time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. But the priest announced that the Christmas season officially ends today. So maybe I am not all that guilty. LOL!
As much as possible, I want everyday of this year to be a celebration for me and I would work hard to keep it that way and be sure to keep you posted. I worked with the pretty Maureen for a Christmas concept which came out beautifully. We did not use the usual green and red Christmas colors it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

This right here is my favorite look. Within minutes of releasing this photo, it circulated on instagram and Bbm.


I glittered her eyes, concentrated on a clean and contoured face then gave preference to the Christmas colours by lining her eyes with Zaron gel liner in Green and red for the lips.

So Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.

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