Monday, December 08, 2014

Makeover for Tobi

Diary dearest,
Meet Tobi, and old colleague turned friend who loves to have so much fun :). So I hooked her up the other day with my favourite smokey eyes and nude lips grind and she totally loved it. I had to beat the crazy Lagos early morning traffic to meet up. The asoebi was so rich and colourful.
I hope she would not have my neck for posting a before picture. Oh well... she is pretty whichever way. So meet Tobi.

I had to tie the gele twice because her gele game is on point also and she knows just how she wants it to be. That reminds me...(would you rather a client who knows what she wants and dictates it accordingly or someone who would let you be and trust your every decision?)

There is to her before and after... I am learning to use my camera better everyday. This photography hustle is not for the weak :( .
Pretty girls rock!
A penny for your thoughts.

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