Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hello London!

Dear Diary,
Everyone thought it was wise that I give the Buntricia Competition another try. Its all weird and stuff as I am not one to compete (good trait or not, not quite interested).
However, I have found myself enjoying doing this. It seems to me like a game. Someone has to lose and someone has to win. Guess what? This time, I'm that someone that has to win. Now, I can't achieve this all by myself and that is why I'm telling you, diary dearest.
Meet the gorgeous Annabelle...

LOOK 2 (I did not use this as my entry).



And now, this is my ENTRY!
Thank you Emmanuel of Spotlight and my efficient model and sister Annabelle. 
To vote my entry, please click, log in your facebook details, click on vote, then come back after 24 hours. Subsequent times, you would not have to log in all over. Just use the link, then click vote. Repeat this till the 30th when the winners would be announced.
Now, the tricky part is that we have to tell 10 loyal people this information. That is the only way to keep up at the top. 
The thing with the competition is that no one cares about your proficiency or creativity. We need to have the most loyal people on our crew to help talk people into voting every single day till the 30th.
Some would ask me what I stand to win, check this..

 I am trusting us on this one. I really do not have anywhere else to seek support. Lets make this happen. Many thanks!
A penny for your thoughts.

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