Saturday, August 30, 2014

Makeover for Rita Dominic

Hello Diary,
Do you remember this look? From way back? With Rita Dominic for Future Awards after party? When I had barely completed my training? Lol! Here

Well.. I got to work with her yet again. This time, it was something different from what I am used to. It was a movie set. I swear no one told me what I was up for. The first few days were quite challenging but then again, I had to make it work.

She is a lover of smokey and nude lips. But which diva isn't?

Behind the scene with Kate Okpo.

It was a denim kind of day. So, I asked her to pose for the camera and the camera loved us.
(did I tell you she was so supportive during the buntricia Competition? Oh my! God bless her)
A penny for your thoughts..xx

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