Friday, August 29, 2014

Journey to Nigeria Competition

Hello Diary,
Guess who is updating after over almost 3 months?
The funny thing is that whenever I go MIA, I always come back with more interesting stuff to tickle your fancy, or am I wrong?
So, I was up in this competition organised by  +Buntricia Bastian @buntricia on Instagram.(P.S: always check me on @kosisoeze on Instagram when I am not here).
I did not emerge top 4 as there were only 4 winners, it was as hectic as anything. I am pretty sure I gave my very best. Of the 30 or so finalists selected from stage1, I was 6th position from my observation.
There were 2 stages however. Stage1 had no limitations as we were allowed to let our creative juices flowing without boundaries and look what your girl came up with...


You know how you first start off completely clueless and then gbam! something 'insignificant' catches your eyes and the rest is story? That is exactly what happened at the studio.. 


The something of 'insignificance' was a beautiful scarf of many colours lying around in the cupboard.
That was all I needed to get me on the spot in a minute.

Do not mind my serious face... It almost felt like if I smile, all the ideas in my head would give way. I did not mind, not like I cared either. There was serious work to be done and it had to be done.

Tadaa!! That is our finished look. I can count the number of constructive criticisms I got for this look. They were barely there. Everyone went on and on about this look that I fell deeper in love. Thank you Emmanuel Arewa of Spotlight. You are simply awesome!!!

Who else is loving this piece? 
I really do hope it gets the recognition it deserves.
Live, Love, Light..

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