Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glam Squad shoot for Zaron

You remember my other shoot for Glam Squad where I met Odun? Well, here is another. I seem to enjoy doing TV though. I pretty much understand how it works. For the first look, I feared I did not have the appropriate shade to suit her colour especially since she had dark circles to correct. My zaron face palette came to my rescue too soon to let my worries get the better of me. There was no need to mix or anything. The colour sat perfectly.

For a fraction of a minute, I was tempted to advise her to shoot with her cornrows as she looked all kinds of perfect in them...

For her second look, we had this pretty shoulder length fringe which I think she rocked well. Emphasis were on her eyes. So, I smoked it out and for her lips, red! She had that kind of lips you want to blow out of proportion because it is not so full.


The guest on the show was the beautiful Omowunmi. She came all made up and ready to shoot. I was meant to only touch up. But it turned out to be an entire makeup session. She had smokey eyes on already. All I did was to give it a finer finish.

Here we are!
A penny for your thoughts..xx

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