Friday, August 29, 2014

Journey to Nigeria, Final Stage

Dear Diary,
Like I mentioned in my last post, here is the final  look I put up in the Journey to Nigeria Competition on +Buntricia Bastian. For this stage, we were made to interpret a look the best way we could with no restrictions yet again. 
Below is the inspiration look.
inspired look
After seeing these looks, I thought to myself, let us do #teamlightskinned and then play around with colours which should well interpret the look on the right.
Right away, I had to get my model sorted.

Meet Naomi...

 We got to work by prepping her face and getting the makeup properly done, playing around with colours yet again. But this time, I concentrated on her eyes.

Right before I advanced to stage 2, I had to put her hair in place, because we were in for some serious work.
So, instead of the Hijab from the inspiration look, we used body paint to cover those exact areas the hijab would have covered. Look what we have then...


I kept on intensifying the texture until I had exactly what I wanted.
 And then, here is my entry after Emmanuel Arewa of Spotlight had of course done his magic.
A penny for your thoughts..
Live, Love, Light.

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