Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Catching up

Hello Diary,
Honestly,  I wish I knew where to start from. Is it my abrupt silence? My sudden love for instagram? My lack of gists? really?
One thing is certain- I would not give of an epistle of excuses trying to justify myself. Life is too short. lol! Just give me that welcome back hug that I so need while we catch up asap!
The last few months of my absence have been fantastic (I guess that is why I lost guard). But I am definitely going to share every piece of it with you. Glad to have you back.
P.S: when I am not here, check me on instagram @kosisoeze


A penny for your thoughts.xx


Anonymous said...

Am going to give u a welcome back knock on d head :)

kosi eze said...

Meanie. lol! I guess I'm getting what I deserve

Femi Ukah said...


kosi eze said...


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