Monday, March 17, 2014

Makeup artist, Model et Stylist!

Hi Diary,
For the very first time, I became loads clearer why there should be a clear division of labour in any shoot. I modelled my own look, styled  myself as well as my hair. When I got home, I flung myself on my bed without a second thought. It was meant to be a treat for myself which turned out to be so much hardwork.
Here is look 1: red lips with smokey eyes.

Look 2: The nerd makeup artist.

A penny for yoyr

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Vanguard Allure shoot -for Zaron

Diary Dearest,
I worked for Zaron at a Vanguard Allure shoot we had somewhere in Ikeja. It was a long day as expected but did not exactly start off well. The end result is still my source of solace and of course the team I worked with.
For this shoot, the theme was centered on gay/lebainism and how that rules off the place of a man in a relationship in the long run. We had to work the female model, Angella into a guy leaving the male model exactly as he should be. I left her makeup as bare as possible, placing more emphasis on contouring the face.



 Here you have the published work! teamzaron beibi!

                                                          A penny for your thoughts. xxx

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Complete Fashion shoot with Lolavita -for Zaron

Hey Diary,
This was a magazine shoot with Complete fashion. Zaron cosmetics is also a sponsor of the magazine, handling makeup. The theme for this shoot was 'girl around town' or something close to that featuring different kinds of weaves women across the world wear. The makeup had to speak the same theme as the costume and hair, of course!
Look 1 was Brazilian: gave her red lips, highlighted under the eye with green, matching the colour of her bikini as the hair already had so much going on. Here is her before look. 

 annddd.. after!

 Took this while we were on set, shooting already..

 For the second model, really do not recollect the country she represented. However, I totally loved her hair and specially her look. Here is a before picture..

 Then, after!

Voting this look my favourite. Way to go!

A penny for your thoughts.xx

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Catching up

Hello Diary,
Honestly,  I wish I knew where to start from. Is it my abrupt silence? My sudden love for instagram? My lack of gists? really?
One thing is certain- I would not give of an epistle of excuses trying to justify myself. Life is too short. lol! Just give me that welcome back hug that I so need while we catch up asap!
The last few months of my absence have been fantastic (I guess that is why I lost guard). But I am definitely going to share every piece of it with you. Glad to have you back.
P.S: when I am not here, check me on instagram @kosisoeze


A penny for your thoughts.xx

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