Monday, December 08, 2014

Makeover for Tobi

Diary dearest,
Meet Tobi, and old colleague turned friend who loves to have so much fun :). So I hooked her up the other day with my favourite smokey eyes and nude lips grind and she totally loved it. I had to beat the crazy Lagos early morning traffic to meet up. The asoebi was so rich and colourful.
I hope she would not have my neck for posting a before picture. Oh well... she is pretty whichever way. So meet Tobi.

I had to tie the gele twice because her gele game is on point also and she knows just how she wants it to be. That reminds me...(would you rather a client who knows what she wants and dictates it accordingly or someone who would let you be and trust your every decision?)

There is to her before and after... I am learning to use my camera better everyday. This photography hustle is not for the weak :( .
Pretty girls rock!
A penny for your thoughts.


Hello Diary,
Just when I let my creative juices flow, look what I came up with this pretty square-faced model. There was really no theme to work around with. I played with a few colours whilst paying attention to intense contour and highlighting. 

Then, I switched to this patterned look on one side of her face.
 I remember when I did this patterns every time I had a fine-art class in school. It now almost seems like I use stencils for them but its totally free hand, every single detail.

Big thanks to Emmanuel of Spotlight for hooking this up for me and my gracious model that rocks the spot light like a goddess.
A penny for your thoughts...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Winner Hello London Competition: Kosiso Ezeonyeka

Hello Diary.
I have some very great news for you! We won the Hello London competition on Buntricia!!!! (screaming)!!! We did it! We are winners! Guess what is even more interesting? we made the highest votes on instagram with well over 5000votes Yikes!!!! (takes a deep breath). If you remember my previous post, you would see how calm I was about the whole thing. I believed, I had so much faith and confidence given that I had tried before but did not make it. This time, all the posts, messages, Bcs and Dms paid off! We won! I have a very long list pf people to thank. People I think I owe this to. I went on my knees to say a prayer for every one of you. To those that keep tabs on my posts, be sure that you were not left out in my prayers. It has been an amazing journey in quite a short time! Thank you so much! 
Now, this was the inspiration look for the competition.

Done by @makeupbypinky on instagram. The instruction stated INSPIRATION and then I went to work for the finals. 

I was working on this with the pretty Annabelle again. Few days to the submission of my entry, we got a message saying we were to duplicate the look and not interpret and then I went  zzzzzzzzzz..... Like what do we need this information for 2days before D-day. I made several attempts to book another studio session but I could not. With brilliant minds on my team, we decided to dig into what we already have as we tend to do a lot of shoots (with or without a competition). Look what we came up with as a close duplication of the look given the colours and accessories.

I called this 'my Nubian Princess' for so many reasons. We went ahead to submit. I remember vividly going to church the evening before I submitted because I did not want this opportunity to slip through my fingers one more time. I got God FULLY involved and he showed himself mightily. 
Through the heat of the 2weeks duration, I kept praying, kept midnight watch, lol!, talked to people, bought them data plans, did everything to keep my votes on +Buntricia Bastian  tops. 

Ramona, our Ugandian model, was so supportive and I thank her. I woke up one day to see a drawing of my work on her page. lol! I do not know who did this work but I totally loved it and it helped ease the tension. On the fateful day, November 1st, I was a lot calmer, I knew I had won this one. I was out of town, I tried to keep tabs as much as possible as my network was not exactly at its best. I came online at about 30mins after the results had been announced and guess what!!! Your girl did it! We did it! We won!

Many people never understood why I was so overjoyed especially when they asked me, now what next? how much do you get and I'm like ' money, its a conference in London'. It keeps them wondering.. As for me, there are far more important things in Life than money especially with my responsibilities. This is a big deal! and I am most grateful to God and Buntricia Batisan for the opportunity she created for aspiring young women like me interested in success. I met and shared this same passion with Oyinda of We had the same worries and fears and still encouraged ourselves all the while and she also won the competition as well. I'm very hopeful for better things to come. We only just started.
 A penny for your thoughts..

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hello London!

Dear Diary,
Everyone thought it was wise that I give the Buntricia Competition another try. Its all weird and stuff as I am not one to compete (good trait or not, not quite interested).
However, I have found myself enjoying doing this. It seems to me like a game. Someone has to lose and someone has to win. Guess what? This time, I'm that someone that has to win. Now, I can't achieve this all by myself and that is why I'm telling you, diary dearest.
Meet the gorgeous Annabelle...

LOOK 2 (I did not use this as my entry).



And now, this is my ENTRY!
Thank you Emmanuel of Spotlight and my efficient model and sister Annabelle. 
To vote my entry, please click, log in your facebook details, click on vote, then come back after 24 hours. Subsequent times, you would not have to log in all over. Just use the link, then click vote. Repeat this till the 30th when the winners would be announced.
Now, the tricky part is that we have to tell 10 loyal people this information. That is the only way to keep up at the top. 
The thing with the competition is that no one cares about your proficiency or creativity. We need to have the most loyal people on our crew to help talk people into voting every single day till the 30th.
Some would ask me what I stand to win, check this..

 I am trusting us on this one. I really do not have anywhere else to seek support. Lets make this happen. Many thanks!
A penny for your thoughts.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Makeover for Rita Dominic

Hello Diary,
Do you remember this look? From way back? With Rita Dominic for Future Awards after party? When I had barely completed my training? Lol! Here

Well.. I got to work with her yet again. This time, it was something different from what I am used to. It was a movie set. I swear no one told me what I was up for. The first few days were quite challenging but then again, I had to make it work.

She is a lover of smokey and nude lips. But which diva isn't?

Behind the scene with Kate Okpo.

It was a denim kind of day. So, I asked her to pose for the camera and the camera loved us.
(did I tell you she was so supportive during the buntricia Competition? Oh my! God bless her)
A penny for your thoughts..xx

Glam Squad shoot for Zaron

You remember my other shoot for Glam Squad where I met Odun? Well, here is another. I seem to enjoy doing TV though. I pretty much understand how it works. For the first look, I feared I did not have the appropriate shade to suit her colour especially since she had dark circles to correct. My zaron face palette came to my rescue too soon to let my worries get the better of me. There was no need to mix or anything. The colour sat perfectly.

For a fraction of a minute, I was tempted to advise her to shoot with her cornrows as she looked all kinds of perfect in them...

For her second look, we had this pretty shoulder length fringe which I think she rocked well. Emphasis were on her eyes. So, I smoked it out and for her lips, red! She had that kind of lips you want to blow out of proportion because it is not so full.


The guest on the show was the beautiful Omowunmi. She came all made up and ready to shoot. I was meant to only touch up. But it turned out to be an entire makeup session. She had smokey eyes on already. All I did was to give it a finer finish.

Here we are!
A penny for your thoughts..xx

Photoshoot for Zaron Gwarinpa

Dear Diary,
I went on holiday to Abuja to see my sister and her baby. But you know I have a bad habit of not being able to sit at home doing nothing, be it a holiday or not.
So, I contacted Zaron Abuja to tell them I was in town. Lol! Luckily, they were planning a shoot and asked me to come on board. Oh yes! I could not refuse. Here is the look I did.



Nnenne was a sweet, patient model, always quick to let out giggles.
A penny for your thoughts..

Makeover for Annie Idibia

Hello Diary,
This can well pass for a throw back. I met Annie on set for 'Faithy's Show' where we exchanged contacts. She contacted me not too long after to do her makeup for her husband's album (ascension) launch and I was delighted.
 I did not get to see the outfit before we got to work. But with her description, I was so sure smokey with nude lips will do the magic and this is what we achieved! 

This look actually trended on Instagram too. She looked just like a doll.
Do you now see what I have been up to all this while? okbye!
A penny for your thoughts..

Friday, August 29, 2014

Journey to Nigeria, Final Stage

Dear Diary,
Like I mentioned in my last post, here is the final  look I put up in the Journey to Nigeria Competition on +Buntricia Bastian. For this stage, we were made to interpret a look the best way we could with no restrictions yet again. 
Below is the inspiration look.
inspired look
After seeing these looks, I thought to myself, let us do #teamlightskinned and then play around with colours which should well interpret the look on the right.
Right away, I had to get my model sorted.

Meet Naomi...

 We got to work by prepping her face and getting the makeup properly done, playing around with colours yet again. But this time, I concentrated on her eyes.

Right before I advanced to stage 2, I had to put her hair in place, because we were in for some serious work.
So, instead of the Hijab from the inspiration look, we used body paint to cover those exact areas the hijab would have covered. Look what we have then...


I kept on intensifying the texture until I had exactly what I wanted.
 And then, here is my entry after Emmanuel Arewa of Spotlight had of course done his magic.
A penny for your thoughts..
Live, Love, Light.

Journey to Nigeria Competition

Hello Diary,
Guess who is updating after over almost 3 months?
The funny thing is that whenever I go MIA, I always come back with more interesting stuff to tickle your fancy, or am I wrong?
So, I was up in this competition organised by  +Buntricia Bastian @buntricia on Instagram.(P.S: always check me on @kosisoeze on Instagram when I am not here).
I did not emerge top 4 as there were only 4 winners, it was as hectic as anything. I am pretty sure I gave my very best. Of the 30 or so finalists selected from stage1, I was 6th position from my observation.
There were 2 stages however. Stage1 had no limitations as we were allowed to let our creative juices flowing without boundaries and look what your girl came up with...


You know how you first start off completely clueless and then gbam! something 'insignificant' catches your eyes and the rest is story? That is exactly what happened at the studio.. 


The something of 'insignificance' was a beautiful scarf of many colours lying around in the cupboard.
That was all I needed to get me on the spot in a minute.

Do not mind my serious face... It almost felt like if I smile, all the ideas in my head would give way. I did not mind, not like I cared either. There was serious work to be done and it had to be done.

Tadaa!! That is our finished look. I can count the number of constructive criticisms I got for this look. They were barely there. Everyone went on and on about this look that I fell deeper in love. Thank you Emmanuel Arewa of Spotlight. You are simply awesome!!!

Who else is loving this piece? 
I really do hope it gets the recognition it deserves.
Live, Love, Light..

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