Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo shoot II: Engagement

Dear Diary,
   Here is another look from my photo session. Till date, I'm still trying to figure out why I decided to go all 'matchy' with eyes and head gear even if I think it did not turn out as bad. My favourite thing about this look is the chiselling of the nose. Somehow, her face remained obedient and receptive to every idea I had.

And because I was not exactly certain, I had a change of head gear to something smaller and different here.
A penny for your thoughts.


Ginikachi Eloka said...

I've noticed how ypu dont go for too much drama, even with your personal makeup. Well, i like the idea of matching eye color with gele

kosi eze said...

Thank u Ginika. Good to know matchy isn't a bad idea n my makeup got a lot simpler after my training.

sapphire said...

Nice work...the first pix is my best

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