Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nneoma's makeover: Coats of many Shades

Dear Diary,
Its another Saturday and like I spend most of my Saturdays, (no swimming classes) I did a few works which I found particularly interesting. I'm sure its no longer news that I enjoy working with lively clients that always have gist for me while working :D. Thank God for Nneoma, it was fun fun fun!
She wanted something dramatic and I was also very much ready to try out my newest buy- Mac's Lady danger here I worked around orange, with countless colours on the eyes.

                                                      A penny for your thoughts.


chioma said...

Kos! Dis is fabulous! Tumbs up!!!

kosi eze said...

Thank u chioma.

ciatajolie makeup said...

Beautiful!!! I love d combination of colours. Ladydanger!

kosi eze said...

! That's right. I love. Thanks

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