Monday, August 19, 2013

Lizzy's Makeover

 Hey Diary,
It was a very busy weekend, had so much to do. Like always, I am still very much grateful for every opportunity to work, to try out something new, to have one more client. It was Lizzy's sister's wedding. As the sister of the bride, I gave her this look for the engagement. Smoked out the eyes and left the lips soft, something close to her attire.

One portion of her face was already taken care of before I took pictures.

The picture session was actually more interesting than the job itself. She was ready for all the poses. lol! See more pictures below.

                                                                   A penny for your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I love d I'm patiently awaiting ur post on d photoshoot :)

kosi eze said...

Thank u. That would be available shortly. :)

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