Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspire the Look II

Dear Diary,
   Its another episode of Inspire the Look. In case you have been wondering if I forgot about this session, I certainly did not :). I saw another post on Stella's blog here that I like. I was quick to try it out earlier today. This look can very much pass as bridal. It was pretty easy to pull off and I hope I did a good job.

And with just a little 'goofiness', I ended my photo session.

A penny for your thoughts.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Odun's Make-over

Dear diary,
   It was an engagement but not Odun's. Do you remember Odun? The presenter from the Glam Squad shoot that wont let me take her pictures because she always had something to say. I got a call from her to do her makeup for a family member's engagement. As always, working with her was delightful and pleasant. Not only is she pretty, she reminds me of a very good friend and she chats along while I'm working.
  She confessed to me that she would usually not let any make-up artist use colours on her face. She often prefers her make-up nude and there I was combining colours on her face. Lolz!

In recent times, I have not had any job that requires tying Gele. I was almost thinking I had lost touch but I thought wrong. Odun's Gele came off beautifully and most importantly, she liked it. See more pictures below.
Odun would not let me do her make-up without chiselling the nose of course!
Behind-the-scene ;)
A penny for your thoughts.

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