Friday, June 21, 2013

Victoria's Make-over.

        I did this work long time ago (like when I rounded up my classes) for a good friend who needed a make-up artist for her photo shoot.  As I went through my gallery last night, I just had a feeling that I didn't do enough justice to the work on here when I made a post. I had actually worked with her before I trained. Hence I decided to re-post showing the difference between my pre-training and post-training if you dig ;)- perfect model for this purpose.

      To begin with, here is a quick view of the pre-training work which was a course mate's wedding while we were still in school. I gave her smokey eyes lined with green for the water-line and went loud on the lips.
 I know something went wrong with the foundation she is wearing, a little bit creamy (controlling the oil was difficult for me).
Her brows are still the fullest I'v ever worked with. Thank goodness it was not too untidy; very easy to control. I posted her before picture already though.

After much grooming of the brows and less concealing of the face :D, here is glam Victoria- (post-training).


Was my training at Zaron a waste? It doesn't seem so..

What would you rather say?

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