Friday, June 07, 2013

slowly but surely

Hey guys!
 I know how annoying it is to start with so much energy as I did and then slow down abruptly. I'v been so busy getting my hands on faces ;) that I actually don't have enough time for paper work or blogging. In all sincerity, there is so much improvement that I'm proud of myself :)
However, I still get it wrong with the lips sometimes; I don't seem to achieve that sultry and flawless look as my coach and the rest on the internet. But trust me, I'm working so hard on it and in the next few posts, I'd show my improvement through the lips journey.
On the other hand, the eyes - brows, water line, the lids almost make me cry when I'm done and its so fascinating when i see my clients 'wowed' at their look (I'm thankful).
I pay special attention to the brows because the brows are about the most important and it shapes the face when properly done.

To encourage constant articles on my blog, here is what i plan to do. From all the works that interest me, I would make my own version. All along, I have been hoping to get models (or friends who can model for me). But I wont let that delay me any more. is one of my biggest online mentors in the industry, I would pick a few works from her website to start with.
Watch this space, I would re-make this look in my next post.

                                                        What would you rather say?

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Sapphire said...

I trust you girl...I have seen you prove it and am sure you will do more.

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