Monday, June 24, 2013

Miss Unilag 2013: Behind the Scene

       Hey diary,
   Its me again and like before, I found some old pictures in my gallery that I think deserve to be posted and because I have been accused of being defensive and 'too nice',  I would have apologised but I would not :). This was actually my first proper field work outside the class with Zaron and it happened to be the  Miss Unilag pageant 2013 which was so much fun. Zaron was one of the biggest sponsors. As a result, we did all the make-over through out the duration of the pageant. I remember getting home really late a couple of times, but I was happy to do all over again.
  Zaron models were on point with their performance from the dramatic make-up to their costume. The girls modelled for Zaron hair (yes, Zaron has a range of pretty human hair just in case you didn't know) and make-up and I learnt the performance was out of this world, mind-blowing as I could not stay till the end but the rehearsals swept me off my feet. Everything came out beautifully.

This look was indisputably my favourite look for the day for some reasons. It reminded me so much of Nicki Minaj and of course the model is pretty. It shows a lot of creativity and attention to details which I so love. I like!

P.S: I took the photos myself. Do I have good photography skills or what? hehe.. Getting better with each passing shoot.

For the contestants, I was not really able to get many pictures. Had someone help me with the work I did here below. The pretty young lady with bold facial features represented Social Sciences. Sadly, my magic touch could not help her win the pageant. I guess she did well though.

 What would you rather say?

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