Sunday, June 09, 2013

Inspire the look 1

Hi everyone,
I made a commitment in my last post that I fought tirelessly to live up to. This is the first post for the episode 'inspire the look'. The idea behind this is to foremost ensure that I make posts regularly and on the other hand, to sort of monitor my progress rate; considering that I just rounded up my training in the first quarter of this year.

Enough of the story, lets get to business proper. if you missed the last post where the plans to begin this episode were made, not to worry you can take a look at it then join me on this one I chose one of stella's most recent posts as my model look.

After so much prep, here is the revised version of the look (with so much difference of course, lol!). I was unable to get the exact lashes she used, hers seem to be a lot darker than mine and the lips aren't exactly the same. Well, the look was my inspiration and maybe I didn't do a bad job after all.

                                                             What would you rather say?


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