Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy client, Happy me.

Hello Diary,
   Hope you missed me as much as I missed you. I am fighting the temptation of getting obsessed with you with my every strength. The more I fight, the more I want to tell you of every of my escapades irrespective of how boring they may sound because you always listen and cheer me up. If I have not said this, I love you dearly.
    I did a make-over for another beautiful good friend just after my training. Of course, she was very excited so she is getting another soonest. We have all been so busy (trying to get rich) that we cannot afford the time. But I am certain its very close and as usual I wont fail to let you know how it went.
   Betty came over to Zaron studio and this is the look I gave her while all the amebo and gist came rolling in as there was so much catching up to do.

  Her neck piece got me at the very first glance that I was attempted to play around with the same colours. But I do not like makeup that matches with the outfit so much, though some come out real nice. I played safe on the eyes and used pink on the lips (inspired by the neck piece).
  I look out for my clients's first reaction after every make-over. The joy that brightens up their faces at the first glance in the mirror gives me 'unexplainable' satisfaction. It is for this main reason that I strive to be a better make-up artist with each passing work. Loves it!

Yay or Nay?
What would you rather say?

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