Monday, June 10, 2013

Glamed up for Glam Squad

     Working behind-the-scene with Glam Squad is now almost frequent. I was at the last photo shoot for Season 2 and thank goodness I got a few pictures out of there. Working for a TV show is not exactly a good time to think about taking photos as there are a million and one things to do at the same time. For the few minutes I found myself free I was munching a plate of rice (I can as well say I was not free in that case). I worked closely with one of the presenters-Odun and had to give her different looks for two different costumes. Even when I would have gotten the best pictures, she just always had something to say or do to distract me. Working with her was certainly fun. She has such a lively personality.

                                                                        LOOK 1

With the details on the top and the neck piece, the stylist thought it right to leave the lips nude and keep whatever attention on the eyes only. Hence, the nude lips and gold eyes (contoured with green).
For the second look, attention moved to the lips as I went all bold to complement the reserved top she wore with an animal print skirt.

                                                                        LOOK 2
As much as I liked the attitude for look 2 (forgive the shine, isn't oily skin just an attention seeker?), Look 1 still got me. The good girl thing about it just had me 'awwning' all through. Let me know if I have some other members on my Look 1 team ;).


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