Monday, June 24, 2013

Campaign for Cervical Cancer Awareness: Behind the Scene

Hello Diary,
    Like my last post, this also deserves this much attention. It was a shoot with some OAPs for cervical cancer awareness while I was training. I posted a photo of the work I did for Toke Makinwa for this shoot already but I decided to upload the rest pictures from behind the scene. I actually did not realise that green was supposed to be the colour for the day till I was done. Fortunately, my colour choice was not exactly off. We could still play around with some green for the accessories.

This was the look I gave Toke for her first costume. I just did a change of lip colour for the second costume. Cute or not?


 The remaining presenters were Yvonne, Gbemi and Tosyn Bucknor.


It could not have been a dull day at all. Yvonne had just enough energy to last everyone for the whole day. I enjoyed working with her.
What would you rather say?


ciatajolie makeup said...

Fyn makeup swri...

kosi eze said...

Thank u darling

Ginikachi Eloka said...

The first picture is toke right? Knew it! She looks sooooooo pretty in that pixie cut. Love the make up

kosi eze said...

Yea, she rocked d cut well :). Thank u.

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