Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy client, Happy me.

Hello Diary,
   Hope you missed me as much as I missed you. I am fighting the temptation of getting obsessed with you with my every strength. The more I fight, the more I want to tell you of every of my escapades irrespective of how boring they may sound because you always listen and cheer me up. If I have not said this, I love you dearly.
    I did a make-over for another beautiful good friend just after my training. Of course, she was very excited so she is getting another soonest. We have all been so busy (trying to get rich) that we cannot afford the time. But I am certain its very close and as usual I wont fail to let you know how it went.
   Betty came over to Zaron studio and this is the look I gave her while all the amebo and gist came rolling in as there was so much catching up to do.

  Her neck piece got me at the very first glance that I was attempted to play around with the same colours. But I do not like makeup that matches with the outfit so much, though some come out real nice. I played safe on the eyes and used pink on the lips (inspired by the neck piece).
  I look out for my clients's first reaction after every make-over. The joy that brightens up their faces at the first glance in the mirror gives me 'unexplainable' satisfaction. It is for this main reason that I strive to be a better make-up artist with each passing work. Loves it!

Yay or Nay?
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Campaign for Cervical Cancer Awareness: Behind the Scene

Hello Diary,
    Like my last post, this also deserves this much attention. It was a shoot with some OAPs for cervical cancer awareness while I was training. I posted a photo of the work I did for Toke Makinwa for this shoot already but I decided to upload the rest pictures from behind the scene. I actually did not realise that green was supposed to be the colour for the day till I was done. Fortunately, my colour choice was not exactly off. We could still play around with some green for the accessories.

This was the look I gave Toke for her first costume. I just did a change of lip colour for the second costume. Cute or not?


 The remaining presenters were Yvonne, Gbemi and Tosyn Bucknor.


It could not have been a dull day at all. Yvonne had just enough energy to last everyone for the whole day. I enjoyed working with her.
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Miss Unilag 2013: Behind the Scene

       Hey diary,
   Its me again and like before, I found some old pictures in my gallery that I think deserve to be posted and because I have been accused of being defensive and 'too nice',  I would have apologised but I would not :). This was actually my first proper field work outside the class with Zaron and it happened to be the  Miss Unilag pageant 2013 which was so much fun. Zaron was one of the biggest sponsors. As a result, we did all the make-over through out the duration of the pageant. I remember getting home really late a couple of times, but I was happy to do all over again.
  Zaron models were on point with their performance from the dramatic make-up to their costume. The girls modelled for Zaron hair (yes, Zaron has a range of pretty human hair just in case you didn't know) and make-up and I learnt the performance was out of this world, mind-blowing as I could not stay till the end but the rehearsals swept me off my feet. Everything came out beautifully.

This look was indisputably my favourite look for the day for some reasons. It reminded me so much of Nicki Minaj and of course the model is pretty. It shows a lot of creativity and attention to details which I so love. I like!

P.S: I took the photos myself. Do I have good photography skills or what? hehe.. Getting better with each passing shoot.

For the contestants, I was not really able to get many pictures. Had someone help me with the work I did here below. The pretty young lady with bold facial features represented Social Sciences. Sadly, my magic touch could not help her win the pageant. I guess she did well though.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Victoria's Make-over.

        I did this work long time ago (like when I rounded up my classes) for a good friend who needed a make-up artist for her photo shoot.  As I went through my gallery last night, I just had a feeling that I didn't do enough justice to the work on here when I made a post. I had actually worked with her before I trained. Hence I decided to re-post showing the difference between my pre-training and post-training if you dig ;)- perfect model for this purpose.

      To begin with, here is a quick view of the pre-training work which was a course mate's wedding while we were still in school. I gave her smokey eyes lined with green for the water-line and went loud on the lips.
 I know something went wrong with the foundation she is wearing, a little bit creamy (controlling the oil was difficult for me).
Her brows are still the fullest I'v ever worked with. Thank goodness it was not too untidy; very easy to control. I posted her before picture already though.

After much grooming of the brows and less concealing of the face :D, here is glam Victoria- (post-training).


Was my training at Zaron a waste? It doesn't seem so..

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspire the Look

Its inspire the look again just like I promised. I would be remaking another look I stumbled upon on my Pinterest account. This sort of reminded me of one of the looks I did on my face long time ago when I was still in school before I trained.

Like always, this is just to prep your mind. Watch this space as I would be bringing my own version. I certainly love how this inspires me to keep working hard and challenge myself as much as possible. If you think you can pull this off too, inbox me asap ;).
P.S: There would be no blue eyes, lol! (Just brown eyes).

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Monday, June 10, 2013


        In as much as I can go nude on my face all year, I always make sure I try my hands on some dramatic look when time permits me. On Sunday afternoon, just before my swimming classes I tried out a look with my favorite green from sleek original palette. This was not exactly inspired by any look I had seen before. It was just one of those days I start off almost blank and end up with a thousand ideas as i get my hands on my face. You get?
       Plus, there is my confession. I just never get it right with black lips for some reasons I still do not understand. I did a change of lips to black. But, I would for no reason post those pictures here (well, I could change my mind on special request ;))

Dramatic passed? Yay or Nay? See one more photo below.

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Glamed up for Glam Squad

     Working behind-the-scene with Glam Squad is now almost frequent. I was at the last photo shoot for Season 2 and thank goodness I got a few pictures out of there. Working for a TV show is not exactly a good time to think about taking photos as there are a million and one things to do at the same time. For the few minutes I found myself free I was munching a plate of rice (I can as well say I was not free in that case). I worked closely with one of the presenters-Odun and had to give her different looks for two different costumes. Even when I would have gotten the best pictures, she just always had something to say or do to distract me. Working with her was certainly fun. She has such a lively personality.

                                                                        LOOK 1

With the details on the top and the neck piece, the stylist thought it right to leave the lips nude and keep whatever attention on the eyes only. Hence, the nude lips and gold eyes (contoured with green).
For the second look, attention moved to the lips as I went all bold to complement the reserved top she wore with an animal print skirt.

                                                                        LOOK 2
As much as I liked the attitude for look 2 (forgive the shine, isn't oily skin just an attention seeker?), Look 1 still got me. The good girl thing about it just had me 'awwning' all through. Let me know if I have some other members on my Look 1 team ;).


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Inspire the look 1

Hi everyone,
I made a commitment in my last post that I fought tirelessly to live up to. This is the first post for the episode 'inspire the look'. The idea behind this is to foremost ensure that I make posts regularly and on the other hand, to sort of monitor my progress rate; considering that I just rounded up my training in the first quarter of this year.

Enough of the story, lets get to business proper. if you missed the last post where the plans to begin this episode were made, not to worry you can take a look at it then join me on this one I chose one of stella's most recent posts as my model look.

After so much prep, here is the revised version of the look (with so much difference of course, lol!). I was unable to get the exact lashes she used, hers seem to be a lot darker than mine and the lips aren't exactly the same. Well, the look was my inspiration and maybe I didn't do a bad job after all.

                                                             What would you rather say?


Friday, June 07, 2013

slowly but surely

Hey guys!
 I know how annoying it is to start with so much energy as I did and then slow down abruptly. I'v been so busy getting my hands on faces ;) that I actually don't have enough time for paper work or blogging. In all sincerity, there is so much improvement that I'm proud of myself :)
However, I still get it wrong with the lips sometimes; I don't seem to achieve that sultry and flawless look as my coach and the rest on the internet. But trust me, I'm working so hard on it and in the next few posts, I'd show my improvement through the lips journey.
On the other hand, the eyes - brows, water line, the lids almost make me cry when I'm done and its so fascinating when i see my clients 'wowed' at their look (I'm thankful).
I pay special attention to the brows because the brows are about the most important and it shapes the face when properly done.

To encourage constant articles on my blog, here is what i plan to do. From all the works that interest me, I would make my own version. All along, I have been hoping to get models (or friends who can model for me). But I wont let that delay me any more. is one of my biggest online mentors in the industry, I would pick a few works from her website to start with.
Watch this space, I would re-make this look in my next post.

                                                        What would you rather say?

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