Saturday, March 30, 2013

dear diary

its me again. for so long i have wanted to do this, to hold you again, to tell you just how i felt, to hear you clarify those confusing thoughts. everytime i missed you, i imagined what your possible responses to the way i felt could be.
shot out from the real world for 3 weeks because i was trying to safe guard a better future, i heard you console me over and over again. you comforted me in my thoughts, you reminded me of how much i needed to hang in there. i heard your whispers, i couldnt make out the words, but everytime i tried to, the words comforted me.
when i made my first post, i didnt realise how much i was falling deeper in love with you with every other post. i really hope you missed me as much as i missed you. now i have you, those tiny voices are gone. i hear them no more. most importantly, i have you in my grasp. dont ever leave me, my friend, my diary, my blog.


what would you rather say?

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