Monday, February 04, 2013

its Zaron

hey guys!
after looking out for the best choice to make, zaron got me at hello, lol! i mean that literally. the reception i got when i went for inquiry erased the littlest doubts i was still having. i have not regretted even a day with them. luckily for me, there is a also a zaron brand of cosmetics which i was quickly introduced to.  the amazing thing about Zaron is that students automatically become distributors of zaron products. awesome, isn't it? (business don start o).
let me give a brief introduction to their range of products.
 here is the different shades of lip glosses (with and without shimmer) and lipsticks. tonee red is certainly my favourite. the lipstick comes in just 5 shades.
 the eyeshadow palette together with two blushes; ranging from light to dark colours.
 the different shades of powder is suitable for all skin tones. its among the few matifying powders with good oil-control. I'm so loving it!

as a distributor, holla at me for the different products at pocket friendly prices-
zaron headquarters is at 9, Alhaji Kanike by bacchus bustop, off Awolowo road. be sure to stop by when you can.

what would you rather say?


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