Thursday, February 21, 2013

breaking the rules

the irony is sickening. my last class aroused a feeling of nostalgia. its already over so quickly. i suddenly remembered all the rules and tips my coach gave us when the classes just commenced. in fact, those rules are what spurred my improvement on. after 3 weeks(or so) of keeping to these rules and mastering them, we were now asked to break the rules just becase its high drama. Her(my coach) words were 'keep it pretty but dramatic'.
high drama brings out the creative side of every makeup artist and it was saved for the last.
Here is Onyinye's (my coach) work during the high drama class.

personally, i think dark lips are scary and that takes away the 'pretty' effect. my opinion wasn,t any different about this one. 
here is my revised version :D

its my first and i hope it gets better after subsequent trials.

what would you rather say?



Sapphire said...

Well in high drama....the wierd is permisible and the beauty lies in the odd factor, mystery and class, luv ur work and I feel ur coach's work is impressive but would look much better on a fairer lady. So pround of ya honey....

kosi eze said...

Very true.. It took me a while to get used to that fact. I'm picking up so quickly. Thank u :)

Anonymous said...

Your coach's work seems kinda sorta scary. LOL... I love yours though. Definitely dramatic and pretty. Proud of you b. Mmwahhh! Bibi

kosi eze said...

Thanks hon. *hugs

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