Sunday, February 03, 2013

baby steps

i have been so elated about this post for so long. now,  i have been doing a lot of thinking and there is so much in my head that i really dont know how to go about it anymore. like i mentioned in my older posts, 2013 would be big for you and for me. well, the 'bigness' for me has already begun. part of my plans for the year (since i love to plan) is to attend a make up school. it felt like the best time of the year to do this. hence, i started scouting for pocket-friendly, nice and supportive options. given the commercial nature of Lagos, i got everything i wanted and even more. i am a step ahead in my journey as a makeup artist. yaaay!! its not me typing this, its my ecstasy. soon, i would be announcing my choice to the house :)
if you are also interested in attending makeup classes (with my experience), i would advice you do some self-training. visit the internet often, search for videos on you tube. most importantly, don't give up on your aspirations.

what would you rather say?

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