Thursday, February 21, 2013

breaking the rules

the irony is sickening. my last class aroused a feeling of nostalgia. its already over so quickly. i suddenly remembered all the rules and tips my coach gave us when the classes just commenced. in fact, those rules are what spurred my improvement on. after 3 weeks(or so) of keeping to these rules and mastering them, we were now asked to break the rules just becase its high drama. Her(my coach) words were 'keep it pretty but dramatic'.
high drama brings out the creative side of every makeup artist and it was saved for the last.
Here is Onyinye's (my coach) work during the high drama class.

personally, i think dark lips are scary and that takes away the 'pretty' effect. my opinion wasn,t any different about this one. 
here is my revised version :D

its my first and i hope it gets better after subsequent trials.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

brand new.

The idea behind this post is to display a few of my (improved) works for you all to be the judge. After going through weeks of rigorous training at Zaron, my work should show for it or so I think. I have already started receiving phone calls from friends who like my work and would want me to do their make-over, Yayyy! *superexcited.
Amongst the few works in my collection,  I consider these my best. So, be the judge please :). Its the brand new me!!!
Meet plain Victoria just before my magic touch :D
Tadaa!! I present glam Victoria few minutes after my magic.
I was fortunate to work with Toke Makinwa during the shoot for cancer awareness campaign. It was a long day, but it was worth it. I see myself growing already.

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zaron ikeja opening

this was officially my first field job as a makeup artist with zaron. zaron which started operation in 2011 is one of the  fast rising makeup brands in the country. Hence, there was an opening of a new outlet in ikeja. trust me to be there, just right in time. free make-overs were given out to clients as well as discounts on the products. the day was fast spent as i had so much to do, i lost track of time. nothing excites me as much as makeup does. i'm glad to be doing what i do now.
zaron, Ikeja is located at 46 allen avenue (beside enterprise bank), ikeja. let pictures tell the rest stories.
after a make-over for stacey.
a cross-section of clients getting free make-over.
another client after her make-over.

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its Zaron

hey guys!
after looking out for the best choice to make, zaron got me at hello, lol! i mean that literally. the reception i got when i went for inquiry erased the littlest doubts i was still having. i have not regretted even a day with them. luckily for me, there is a also a zaron brand of cosmetics which i was quickly introduced to.  the amazing thing about Zaron is that students automatically become distributors of zaron products. awesome, isn't it? (business don start o).
let me give a brief introduction to their range of products.
 here is the different shades of lip glosses (with and without shimmer) and lipsticks. tonee red is certainly my favourite. the lipstick comes in just 5 shades.
 the eyeshadow palette together with two blushes; ranging from light to dark colours.
 the different shades of powder is suitable for all skin tones. its among the few matifying powders with good oil-control. I'm so loving it!

as a distributor, holla at me for the different products at pocket friendly prices-
zaron headquarters is at 9, Alhaji Kanike by bacchus bustop, off Awolowo road. be sure to stop by when you can.

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Sunday, February 03, 2013

baby steps

i have been so elated about this post for so long. now,  i have been doing a lot of thinking and there is so much in my head that i really dont know how to go about it anymore. like i mentioned in my older posts, 2013 would be big for you and for me. well, the 'bigness' for me has already begun. part of my plans for the year (since i love to plan) is to attend a make up school. it felt like the best time of the year to do this. hence, i started scouting for pocket-friendly, nice and supportive options. given the commercial nature of Lagos, i got everything i wanted and even more. i am a step ahead in my journey as a makeup artist. yaaay!! its not me typing this, its my ecstasy. soon, i would be announcing my choice to the house :)
if you are also interested in attending makeup classes (with my experience), i would advice you do some self-training. visit the internet often, search for videos on you tube. most importantly, don't give up on your aspirations.

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