Monday, December 24, 2012

good tidings!

its Christmas again and christ still remains the reason for the season. as part of the activities i planned out for myself, visiting a charity home was one of them and  i'm glad to announce that its off the list already :D i visited so said charity home with the family. its an experience i hope i don't forget in a hurry. so many people out there need to be reminded that they have a reason to live again, to smile again by mere words of encouragement. so, please don't forget to put a smile on a face today :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS... from me to you with love! live. love. laugh!xxx


Anonymous said...

A visit to any place where you are forced to be thankful for the life you have is always humbling be it a charity home or the prisons....didn't visit any but will surely keep them in my prayers this season :)

kosi eze said...

Very true. Pls also pray that God enables you to visit next year :)

Anonymous said...

A very xmas to you too dear! May God keep us all!

kosi eze said...

Thanks. Amen dear

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