Thursday, November 29, 2012

kiki's wedding! yaayyy!

working with brides requires a lot of carefulness. every  bride has her specification and wants her makeup to show just that. so, my sister wanted something 'timeless', and her colours were purple, pink and yellow. so, there was no rehearsal before that day. i was almost scared that i might mess up everything. we were so busy a night before. but we made sure to go shopping at Tara's before moving down to Abuja for the wedding.

so after much work and patience, i got the bride ready in about 45mins. after which i started with the bride's maids. i didn't realize how much energy i spent on all the work till i was done. u see thats what happens when you totally enjoy what you do. she was certainly stunning when i was done, and i totally enjoyed workin with her. i miss my sister already... *sobs. wish she and her hubby all the best!

i always advise people to ensure they do a trial-makeup with the bride before time. but, well... i guess its just a typical case of do as i say, not as i do. i had no prior idea of what i wanted, i got inspiration as i started and i am glad it turned out  this beautiful.!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job!keep it up

kosi eze said...

thanks.. #blushing

Anonymous said...

Lovely Job my dear keep up the good work. I'm booking ahead of time oo.


kosi eze said...

No wahala :)

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