Monday, December 24, 2012

gracias! thank you! merci!

there is my very little way  of saying thank you to you. yes, you! for everytime u visit this blog, thank you. for every time u post comments, thank you. for every time you yab me, thank you! lol! The truth remains; i wont have made it this far without every one of  you. i'm looking forward to an awesome 2013. i promise its got nothin on 2012. it would be fun all the way and certainly with you by the side to encourage me.
your comments mean a lot to me. That's the only way i hear what you think. so stop visiting without leaving a comment. the rate of page views are very impressive but you leave little or no comments :( :( So, promise me 2013 wont remain the same. love u guys! live. love. laugh!xxx

good tidings!

its Christmas again and christ still remains the reason for the season. as part of the activities i planned out for myself, visiting a charity home was one of them and  i'm glad to announce that its off the list already :D i visited so said charity home with the family. its an experience i hope i don't forget in a hurry. so many people out there need to be reminded that they have a reason to live again, to smile again by mere words of encouragement. so, please don't forget to put a smile on a face today :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS... from me to you with love! live. love. laugh!xxx

Thursday, November 29, 2012

kiki's wedding! yaayyy!

working with brides requires a lot of carefulness. every  bride has her specification and wants her makeup to show just that. so, my sister wanted something 'timeless', and her colours were purple, pink and yellow. so, there was no rehearsal before that day. i was almost scared that i might mess up everything. we were so busy a night before. but we made sure to go shopping at Tara's before moving down to Abuja for the wedding.

so after much work and patience, i got the bride ready in about 45mins. after which i started with the bride's maids. i didn't realize how much energy i spent on all the work till i was done. u see thats what happens when you totally enjoy what you do. she was certainly stunning when i was done, and i totally enjoyed workin with her. i miss my sister already... *sobs. wish she and her hubby all the best!

i always advise people to ensure they do a trial-makeup with the bride before time. but, well... i guess its just a typical case of do as i say, not as i do. i had no prior idea of what i wanted, i got inspiration as i started and i am glad it turned out  this beautiful.!

Monday, November 12, 2012

my first shoot

asides the little jobs i do for friends when i am  less busy, this was my first 'official' shoot. working with my friend Bibi was totally awesome. the photographer, Ade happens to be an old friend too. so, it was fun, fun, fun, all through! at first, it was so difficult to get everybody to meet at the studio because of their tight schedules. but somehow, we made it. i would certainly love to work with her again.
for her eyes, i used sleek and elf palette. then with the lips was Victoria Jackson palette and i filled her brows with tara eye pencil.  she was looking all gorgeous and flawless when i was done.
do you think i did a good job?

breast cancer awareness

yeah, i know, i know please. this post is coming in really late. its just a typical case of better late than never and i am sure that explains why i polished my nails shabbily, because i just needed to post this. so, here is my little contribution to breast cancer awareness. i got inspiration after reading stella's post. i totally rocked this colour, its so calm and chic. it is just annoying that my nail polish never lasts since i have to constantly help with house chores. the next time i use that polish, i would make sure i have extensions on, because it happens that that's only when the polish would last. so, do you like the shade of pink? do you think it suits my complexion?

dramatic eyes

i have always had a thing for the way makeup turns out when the face is contoured, the transformation and for a very long time i tried learning it. so, the picture up there is my first attempt at contouring my face. not only do i love the way it turned out, i equally love the eyes, the drama, the smokey look;i had to use lashes extension to achieve that effect. the eyes can pass for a trad wedding makeup (since heavy does the trick) and it can also pass for a runway makeup. don't fail to notice how subtle i left the lips. i did not want to end up looking like a! so, tell me if u like this look.

my first set of brush

contrary to the common belief, getting a set of brush does not have to leave you bankrupt. i was lucky to meet a friend who got mine for me at the rate of #6000. the bristles are so soft and it is a 24-piece lovely set . you've just got to love it. for now, it is my baby and i handle it with utmost care. it is certainly a good buy! i cant wait to get myself another set.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

choosing a path finally

really, truth be told... the main reason why this blog was abandoned after i created it is just too much ambition. sigh! i have read too many impressing blogs that i just want to ensure that mine turns out as good as theirs(actually better than theirs). so, here it is... i would stick to makeup on this blog out of the million ideas i had. makeup happens to be something i have always loved way back. so my next post would be pictures of a few works i have done. P.S: i love your comments. they are the vestiges that prove you visited my blog. what are u waiting for? please leave a comment. mmmwah! gbagauns are not entertained..

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